“Keep your head up!”

21 Jan

Well I’ve been in Dallas for three whole weeks now! Where those three weeks have gone, I have no idea, but January sure is flying by. It’s flying by so quickly I haven’t even done one post this whole month. My bad. But hey, I’ve been a job-hunting machine these last weeks, so I guess that’s my excuse. I just haven’t had amazing news to post about yet and while I don’t really want to get into this tough job hunt on my positive blog, (let’s just say I’ve wasted one too many sets of meticulously ironed clothes just to meet with some of what must be a heck of a lot of pyramid schemes looming here in the metroplex…) I have missed blogging.

At least I’m not jobless! I am working at a restaurant that, for some odd reason, had me sign something which said not to mention their name on social networking sites or blogs. Well okay, Snuffalo Wild Wings, but I have nothing bad or interesting to say about you. As most people who are trying to be supportive about my situation as a hostess with a college degree keep telling me: “It’s character building.” And yes, it is character building but it’s also just nice to have a paycheck and a pretty sweet discount on wings because there are plenty of people worse off than me. With a little babysitting here and there as well I’m actually doing okay. I’ll be better when I have a nice 8-5 but I am doing okay.

I’ve been thinking about this little guy Bentley Green recently. He is a nice combination of my life right now. A little kid (babysitting) rapping about the Mavericks (always on TV at Snuffalo). Check him out!

And if that was too gansta for ya you better take a second look. It’s a sweet tribute to his “single mama.” I love it!  “Never went a day without food on the table, that’s how I know God’s given me an angel.” Does he write this stuff??

“Just because of her I can handle all my fears, I won’t fall to the pressures of my peers.” I hope not! You go, Bentley. And although I am certainly no single mama, haha, I’m liking his words of wisdom and will “keep my head up” through this job hunt.



23 Dec

This is one of my favorite videos on all of YouTube. Don’t you dare make fun of me 🙂


Big Purses Do Come In Handy…

16 Dec

I haven’t been watching the news lately because, one, it depressing me and, two, I’ve been a crazy person with moving, finals, and job hunts. But I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to turn it on and see this video of an extremely brave woman.

Most of this story isn’t uplifting–basically a man was mad that his wife got fired so he walked into a Panama City School Board meeting armed and ready. He allowed everyone to leave to room except the board members (although he did let the one female board member leave as well.) She, however, couldn’t leave the others sitting there waiting to be shot, so she took action! I am just shocked at what she did and loved seeing this heroic story on the news. She might not have taken him down, but at least she tried! Amazingly, even after all the shots that were eventually fired, no one was killed except the gunman who later took his own life.

This is one brave lady, and it was all caught on video too, so check her out!

Como, Sweet Como

14 Dec

I experienced a feeling today that I’ve come to enjoy over the past few years. It’s the feeling of arriving to Columbia and, while knowing your life here is this sort of temporary 4 year-long trip, feeling completely happy and at home in this town.I pulled into Columbia today after a weekend in my hometown and it hit me: this is the last time I’ll be arriving in Como until who knows when. I’d like to say I’ll make it back for next Homecoming. I mean, I’ll do everything in my power to make it back for next Homecoming, but you just never know. So, I want to pay my home-away-from-home a proper tribute.


This was my first snow at Mizzou, winter 2007.

Jesse Hall on the same day, looking classy as ever dressed in snow.

I think we have the most beautiful campus ever. Yes, that is a completely biased opinion, but seeing Jesse all lit up on a fall night or the view of the columns when you’re headed downtown is such a sight. Not only are they gorgeous, but they’ve come to represent Mizzou pride and memories of my life here.


Bid Day of Recruitment my senior year.
Beautiful view of downtown Columbia from the rooftop of Quinton’s for my 21st birthday.

Columbia works for me for so many reasons: Mizzou spirit on a football Saturday, the way that it’s not just a college town, old houses and brick streets on East Campus, downtown outdoor eating, the magic tree, its small town feel, Marching Mizzou playing inside Harpos, Delta Gamma, the fact that it has three Wal-Marts but you see someone you know no matter which one you’re in, Gumby’s Pizza, the Devil’s Ice Box, those random zebras on that one winding road (surely someone else knows what I’m talking about), the glowing red light of the Tiger hotel over the district, my best friends, my alma mater. Alma Mater. I’ve only ever heard “old people” say that but  I guess it’s finally time for me to join them as an alumni and bid farewell to Columbia for a while.


Delta Gamma, Christmas 2010.

The one and only Magic Tree, which I decided brought me luck every December for finals week!

I will miss this place, although I know it has prepared me for bigger things. Coming out of a small town in Southeast Missouri, I remember actually thinking Columbia was this daunting metroplex in which I would constantly get lost. After four years here and with my sights now set on Dallas, I’m glad I had Columbia as the perfect bumper in between small town and big city.

I’d love to hear what everyone else who lives/lived here likes about the town, leave me a comment :). For me, Como started out as just “away-from-home” but turned into “home-away-from-home” and I will count down the days until my next visit!



Elf Yourself

11 Dec
I’m so glad my roommate took the time to make this Elf Yourself video. Click on the link to see the blue house girls do a country Christmas jig! And, if you’ve never made one, I suggest it…this one never fails to make me laugh!

My Christmas Movie Guide

9 Dec

Christmas Eve is 15 days away. How did this happen?! I’m going to go ahead and say what everyone and their mom says: time goes by faster every year. It’s scary. I don’t even want to think about what a year will feel in 20 years.

Right now I know that Christmas movies should be trumped by studying for finals. But it’s Christmas. And…I have senioritis. So I thought I would give everyone a nice little list of the good stuff coming on. I am annoyed every single year at television’s incapability to play some classics. But, I think I might just be missing them. And sadly, if you miss the animated Grinch the one time they air it, you may be out of luck til next year because Holiday In Handcuffs is being played every other time slot. (Not that I don’t secretly enjoy Holiday in Handcuffs).

Here are my holiday highlights:

Thursday, December 9th (tonight)

Yay for clay! Claymation, that is.

5:00 Rudolph’s Shiny New Year, 7:00 Santa Claus is Coming to Town, 8:00 The Year Without Santa Claus, 9:00 A Miser Brothers’ Christmas (all on ABC Family)

Friday, December 10th

Tim Allen at his best.  “…last thing you and Charlie did before bed?” “Shared a bowl a sugar. Some shots of brown liquor. Played with my shotguns. Field dressed a cat. Looked for women.”  On ABC family at 7 (don’t waste time on the sequel that follows).

Saturday, December 11th

Great night for classics! It’s A Wonderful Life is at 7 on NBC. White Christmas on AMT at 7. Thankfully White Christmas runs again at 9:45 or things could get dicey. The child in me also suggests good ole Frosty the Snowman at 7 on CBS. (Bonus-TV Land Merrython all night.)

Sunday, December 12th

A day to try something new. Not for everyone, but Holiday in Handcuffs is on ABC Family at 5. It does feature a pretty buff Mario Lopez. Something to think about. Santa Baby is on at 1 in the afternoon…another ABC Fam original. It is equally horrible/awesome with Jenny McCarthy as Santa’s workaholic daughter. And, finally we have Christmas Cupid (on at 7) with Chad Michael Murray… You know you want to check ’em out!


Monday, December 13th Slower day.. a few ABC Fam repeats & A Flinstone Christmas at 5 (also on ABC Family).

Tuesday, December 14th

Dr. Suess’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas. As much as I love what Jim Carrey did with the character, the animated version is perfect.

“Stink. Stank. Stunk.” On ABC Family at 7 and 9:30.

Wednesday, December 15th

Will Ferrel is hilarious in Elf. If you haven’t seen this, you are seriously missing out. If you have seen this but still can’t quote it in everyday life, you are still missing out. So watch it at 6 on USA.

“Son of a NUTcracker!”

Thursday, December 16th

At 9:30 on ABC Linus “can tell you what Christmas is all about.” A Charlie Brown Christmas also has one of the most toe-tapping Christmas melodies out there, if you ask me. I’ll be sure to see this one!  Also, The Gift of the Magi is on Hallmark at 7. I’ve never seen it, but I don’t think it’s a story that can be messed up too badly.

Friday, December 17th Frosty is on CBS again at 7:30. Not too much else going on this Friday night although “Yes, Virginia” comes on CBS at 7 and sounds promising.

Saturday, December 18th

There’s no way I’m going to be up at 6am in time for The Little Drummer Boy. Or 7am for Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey, as tempting as that sounds. But ABC Family is having an all-day marathon of classic animated Christmas movies!


Sunday, December 19th

Okay, don’t shun me for this, but I’ve never been a huge Home Alone person. I’ve only seen it a few times. But, Home Alone 2 and 4 are coming on at 10:30 and 1 on ABC Fam. I’m  not sure about this “4” business that doesn’t even have Macaulay Culkin in it. Anyone like it?



Monday, December 20th Nothing worth watching except possibly The Shop Around the Corner. It’s the movie that You’ve Got Mail was based on. You’ve Got Mail is hardly a Christmas movie, although it does have that one Joni Mitchell song… Oh well, The Shop Around the Corner is at 9 on TCM if you want to check it out.

Tuesday, December 21st

One of my all-time favorites, Miracle On 34th Street is on ABC Fam at 5. The Polar Express comes on next at 6:30 and, even though I think it was better left a book, the movie isn’t bad. “The bell still rings for me, as it does for all who truly believe!”

Wednesday, December 22nd – The Santa Clause is on again at 7 on ABC Family. CBS is also doing their annual “Home for the Holidays” special at 7 showcasing families who have adopted. It will have lots of entertainment (Katy Perry and Ricky Martin? yes!).

Thursday, December 23rd Pretty good stuff for Christmas Eve Eve. The Santa Clause and The Polar Express are playing again if you missed them. Also It’s a Wonderful Life is on again at 7 on NBC.

Christmas Eve!

Okay, don’t look at me as if I have “lobsters crawling out of my ears!” or anything, because you all know A Christmas Story starts at 7 on TBS and plays for the next 24 hours.

“Fra-gee-lee. It must be Italian.”



Christmas Day

You don’t need me to tell you there are all kinds of Christmas specials all over TV. (Including more of A Christmas Story!) But, Christmas Day is busy. What you really need is something to get you through that depressing feeling that happens the end of the night on Christmas (for me at least). Luckily, Ernest Saves Christmas will be on at 11pm on ABC Family. Perfection.

These could be coming on and I just  missed them, so if you don’t catch them on TV, these are some DVD musts.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Four Christmases with Vince Vaughn and his hilariousness.

Jim Carrey’s version of The Grinch.

The Preacher’s Wife (yes, with Denzel and Whitney, trust me).

The Family Stone.

Christmas With the Kranks.

And finally, The Snowman–that short animated one with no words about the boy who flies around with his snowman during the night? Anyone else know what I’m talking about? Just me?

Anything I missed? I’d love suggestions 🙂

Puppy Love

8 Dec

My family’s dog, Lady, had a puppy the week before Thanksgiving! She only had one (which is odd) so her little baby is a total fatty seeing as she’s not fighting any brothers or sisters for milk. She’s was looking more like a gerbil than a dog, but now that she’s finally opened her eyes, I wanted to show everyone little Scout! Her mom is a yellow lab and who knows who her dad is. Possibly the neighborhood mix who looks Alaskan Malamute-ish.

So here’s little Scout…of course, when someone else gets her they’ll probably change her name…but she’s Scout for now.


gerbil Scout

she has all white feet, a little white chest, and white on the verrry tip of her tail

born with no brothers or sisters...we felt she needed company

her eyes finally open....blue!